CROSSROADS CHURCH is United Methodist

To understand CROSSROADS theology and history fully, one must have some understanding of the denomination. CROSSROADS is a church that emphasizes that all Christians are one in God’s sight. We stress our common beliefs, rather than our differences in Christ. Yet, we have a distinct heritage that draws us toward other churches with a similar background. This section is designed to enlighten you regarding this heritage. What is a United Methodist? In the words of John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, he states: “A Methodist is … one who loves the Lord, his God with his heart, soul, mind and strength.”



We value authenticity so we can be free to pursue vulnerability and humility, so we have genuine relationships with one another and God. Authenticity involves truth telling and Biblical conflict resolution.

Small Groups

We believe small groups because we acknowledge that life change occurs best in a small group of Christian disciples. Small groups are the church, not a program of the church.


We measure our success by the process (the way we do ministry) and not just the product (the ministry programs). Biblical process involves loving relationships.


CROSSROADS acknowledges our dependence upon others and the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish our goals. We believe that every member is a minister and families matter to God and to the church.


We demonstrate compassion by modeling the servant nature of Jesus Christ. We expect to participate in missions on a local, state, national and global level.


We are intentional in giving God our best. Excellence honors God and inspires people. We believe that excellence requires ongoing evaluation. Excellence is doing the best with what God has given us.


We want to experience joy produced by the Holy Spirit through studying God’s word individually, in small groups and in the larger community of faith. Joy is fulfillment, not simply happiness.


Here at CROSSROADS, we accept people where they are and enable them to grow in their faith journey. We remove barriers in the church that keep people from a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that fully devoted followers should expect to sacrifice on behalf of persons seeking a faith relationship.


We value demonstrating the relevance of Jesus Christ, so that the intellectual and the emotional come together in a revelation about God. We expect continuous change in our methodology.


We believe that God is understood in three distinct forms. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are commonly used to refer to the threefold nature of God. Sometimes we use other terms, such as Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.

We believe in one God, who created the world and all that is in it. We believe that God is sovereign; that is, God is the ruler of the universe. We believe that God is loving. We can experience God’s love and grace.

We believe that Jesus was human. He lived as a man and died when he was crucified. We believe that Jesus is divine. He is the Son of God. We believe that God raised Jesus from the dead and that the risen Christ lives today. We believe that Jesus is our Savior. In Christ we receive abundant life and forgiveness of sins. We believe that Jesus is our Lord and that we are called to pattern our lives after his.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is God with us. We believe that the Holy Spirit comforts us when we are in need and convicts us when we stray from God. We believe that the Holy Spirit awakens us to God’s will and empowers us to live obediently.

We believe that God created human beings in God’s image. We believe that humans can choose to accept or reject a relationship with God. We believe that all humans need to be in relationship with God in order to be fully human.

We believe that the church is the body of Christ, an extension of Christ’s life and ministry in the world today. We believe that the mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We believe that the church is “the communion of saints,” a community made up of all past, present and future disciples of Christ. We believe that the church is called to worship God and to support those who participate in its life as they grow in faith.

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word. We believe that the Bible is the primary authority for our faith and practice. We believe that Christians need to know and study the Old Testament and the New Testament (the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Scriptures).



Baptism is the sacrament of initiation that joins us with the Church and Christians everywhere. It’s a symbol of new life and a promise of God’s saving love. Both infants and adults can be baptized. When infants are baptized we encourage a process called confirmation where baptized youth can learn how to develop their faith relationship with Jesus Christ. United Methodists baptize by sprinkling, immersion or pouring.


 Communion is served on the first Sunday of month during worship. CROSSROADS is an “open table” church and does not require that persons be members or of a particular age or denomination. We use bread and grape juice as symbols for the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross. We are a grace filled group of believers who recognize that the blessings of the sacraments of communion are not something that can be earned, and welcome all who profess belief in Jesus to take part in this practice.