Event Request/Building Use

Use the Building or CROSSROADS Resources

Event Request/Building Use

Our church office handles the approval & scheduled use of our Lakeville and Inver Grove Heights building and resources. You must contact our church office through the form below before any event or meeting takes place inside of our facilities or on our property. Our church office also handles the borrowing and/or rental of any of our resources including our church bus (separate form required). Please do not attempt to secure the use of our space, resources or to borrow items through our Sr. Pastor or by calling our office staff. You will be directed to contact our church office for arrangement.

Contracts & Fees


Following the approval of the initial form, you will be required to complete a Policy Agreement and pay any applicable deposits or fees.

General Guidelines:

1. The use of drugs or alcohol is prohibited on CROSSROADS CHURCH property.


2. Smoking is allowed in the designated area only, outside near the dumpster. Please be courteous to others who may be using the building at the same time.


3. Please respect the facilities and property being used. If a problem should occur, please notify the Facilities Director.


4. Fees will be determined based on needs and size of the event


Please note that reservations can be confirmed no more than one year in advance for members or six months for non-members. Please fill out the form below.

Below are listed estimated fees: