2020 Vision - Finance News


Oh, if only we could have a 2020 vision into the future! Well, maybe that wouldn’t be such a great thing in practicality, but when it comes to following a budget, predicting spending, paying off debt, it would be a good thing to know what the economy was going to do. When a pandemic hits, all bets are off. So, it goes with the finances of our lives and the life of the church in the year 2020.


Thank you to those of you who continued to pay on your pledge or gave consistently through the last three quarters of the year! Because of your generosity, we have been able to maintain the church staff, pay utilities and even pay down over $185,000 on the principal of the loan held on the Lakeville building. This is significant! This is a blessing!


The last quarter of this year marks the end of our three-year Capital Campaign to further reduce loan debt as well as to make improvements and repairs on our buildings at the Lakeville and Inver Grove Heights campuses. In March of 2021 we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of CROSSROADS CHURCH! Wouldn't it be a blessing to raise enough funds to eliminate the loan altogether? If you are able to either complete your pledge and give a little extra, or donate if you didn’t pledge, you could be the difference we need to get rid of the loan and free up resources to do more ministry! 


Likewise, we have noticed a significant number of persons who donate to the church do so while they are physically present in the building. Because of the Coronavirus and drop in attendance, it goes to follow that giving on Sundays has dropped considerably. Please consider the church in your generosity so we can continue to bless the communities we are in with the support, teachings, counseling, gospel messages, resources, services, and help needed.


Year-to-date giving statements went out in August. Please let us know if you have questions about your statement. Email financeteam@crossroadschurch.org.