Armful of Love

Armful of Love | Christmas 2021


Dear CROSSROADS family,

For Christmas 2021, the outreach team has chosen to support Armful of Love through 360 Communities. The program blesses local families who need a little extra help to provide Christmas gifts for their families. Following is a brief message from Armful of Love explaining why they have decided to continue with gift card donations:


“Beginning with the pandemic in 2020 the Armful of Love program changed from providing gifts to providing gift cards to families in our community. The gift cards give the parents a meaningful experience to select and purchase gifts for their families. Sponsors have overwhelmingly supported this change to the Armful of Love program.”


CROSSROADS has committed to donating a total of sixty Target, Walmart, Visa, MasterCard, Amazon, Aldi, or Cub $25 gift cards between our two church campuses. (Please keep in mind that there are typically activation fees when you purchase MasterCard and Visa gift cards).

You may drop the gift cards off at the Lakeville CROSSROADS campus, Monday-Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm or on Sunday mornings beginning October 3rd. You may drop the gift cards off at the IGH CROSSROADS campus on Sunday mornings beginning October 3rd. You may also make a monetary donation and we will purchase the gift cards for you. We need the gift cards, with their receipts attached, on or before Sunday, October 31st.

Extra gift cards will be going to the Pastoral Discretionary Fund to be distributed to those in need throughout the year. 

Thank you for supporting Armful of Love!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Kim Best at 214-499-0681.


Please attach a gift receipt to each of the $25 gift cards and deliver them to Crossroads on or before Sunday, October 31st.