Finance Update Fall 21


This article is a follow up to our All-Church Meeting, called our Day of Vision, held January 23, 2021. A budget for 2021 was approved and at that time there were many variables that were discussed that would affect the outcome of the budget. Today, we are happy to report that many of the variables (and a couple of miracles) have come to fruition and the financial situation of CROSSROADS CHURCH is in a blessed position, praise God!


On August 23, 2021, a little over an acre of the Lakeville campus was sold to our church members and 8+ year lessees, Phil and Amy Shaver, owners of Four Square Preschool and Daycare. Two days later, another parcel of land next to the Lakeville church was sold to Oppidan (Ebenezer Management Group) for the purpose of building a linked hallway between the church and the senior housing and a 4-story senior living facility that will include assisted living apartments and a memory care unit. The sale of these two parcels of land has enabled the church to pay off the note on the Lakeville church (recall a note was taken to assist in paying off the bank mortgage along with resources from selling to Christian Heritage Academy the parcel of land that their school sits on to the north of the church building). The blessing in this is that CROSSROADS CHURCH currently has no mortgage on either church facility, Lakeville or Inver Grove Heights! Thanks to the land sales and generous donations, we have been able to pay off our bank loan of an amount over $1.1 million!


The entire Finance Team, Leadership Team, and Staff of CROSSROADS wish to thank each person/family for their continued generosity and support of CROSSROADS CHURCH, its vision, and ministries. You give of your time and your resources, and many are blessed because of it. 


We are confident that your continued generosity will allow us to pay off the note of $200,000 we have for the renovations to the IGH campus for the purposes of maintenance to the IGH building and for starting a CROSSROADS daycare, called, L.O.V.E. Christian Childcare Center (which is in full swing and growing!)


Your continued generosity will allow us to make necessary renovations and improvements to the Lakeville campus once the daycare moves into their new facility (lots of wear-n-tear comes with 130 little ones and their families in and out of the building everyday).


We will also be allowed to pay to the United Methodist denomination our portion (called “apportionments”) for missions and ministries beyond the local church. Our annual apportionments total nearly $50,000 each year.


One of our visions and goals (as set by our All Church Day of Vision meeting last January) is to staff our church for growth, which means resources will allow the church to maintain and hire staff and be able to provide competitive wages and benefits for quality staffing. 


We continue to be a church called to feed the hungry, educate our children and youth, support missionaries, conduct weddings and funerals, support families in their faith journey and relationships, join with our ministry partners around us to provide services and Christian influence, provide meaningful worship and small groups. 


May God continue to bless us with opportunities and resources so we may hear God say, "Well done, good and faithful servants”!