Finance Update Summer

Dear Friends and Family of CROSSROADS CHURCH,

Greetings in Christ Jesus! Thank you for your generous giving and ongoing support of God's ministry at CROSSROADS CHURCH. It is because of your faithful giving to our church that God is able to accomplish so much through us. God’s Word states, "For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability, entirely on their own ." (2 Corinthians 8:3). The early believers modeled for us the blessings received and shared through giving. We hope and pray you have experienced God's blessings through your giving. Please continue to keep CROSSROADS in your thoughts and prayers during these difficult times of Covid 19 and racial tensions. As Pastors we continue to pray for you and your families during these stressful times. 

Remember, together we are making an eternal impact! Our theme for the year is REMEMBER and we want to thank you for your generosity. We are taking time this year to remember all God has done through CROSSROADS CHURCH. We recently held our 25 year anniversary celebration, and we continue to do weekly testimonies of Remembrance. Our goal is to look back, so we continue to remember who we are as we move forward.

We continue to develop community partnerships and have given out food and hygiene supplies weekly since Covid 19 began last year. We have been feeding homeless, food insecure neighbors, and area seniors for over a year thanks to you and your generosity.

CROSSROADS CHURCH Financial Giving Statement are available, first quarter year-to-date. Please verify that our records of your name and address are correct and verify the amounts stated match your records of giving and pledge, including any adjustments you have made in your giving. If you have any questions or discrepancies, please email us at or contact the church office (952-469-7729). 

In Christ’s Love and Service,

Pastors Paul and Deb Marzahn