Finance Update-Spring

Each year CROSSROADS CHURCH has spent time listening to the Holy Spirit to seek direction in ministry. This year we felt called by God to use REMEMBER as our word for the year and to spend time looking at all God has done the last 25 years at CROSSROADS. As part of this focus, we have had a 25 year anniversary celebration where nearly 200 people gathered in person and another 200 plus gathered online. Together we shared stories of our journey at CROSSROADS as a new church start without a building. We shared stories of difficult times and how CROSSROADS overcame many challenges to be where we are today. 


Many of the challenges CROSSROADS overcame through the years were financial. We had to buy land, put up a building, and pay down our mortgage all while making fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. During this time we also raised money to help support 58 interns, many who have gone on to plant churches, become pastors, or do mission work around the world. CROSSROADS is a generous church that has always been good at stewarding of God’s resources. We need to remember that in 25 years we’ve never missed a mortgage payment. We need to remember that in 25 years we’ve always paid our mission commitments. We need to remember 25 years we have never gone over our aggregate budget of expenditures. We need to remember for 25 years CROSSROADS has been blessed financially in many ways. We need to continue to REMEMBER God’s faithfulness in the past as well plan for our future.


CROSSROADS has always been transparent with its finances. We pass two six month budgets each year where the entire church votes on the budget that is passed by the church leadership. We continue to have open meetings once a month at our Servant Community Gatherings where people can raise questions regarding finances or get more information. We do a yearly audit and turn in our records yearly to the Minnesotans Annual Conference for verification. We have several checks and balances in our system for counting money, depositing money, and verifying giving accuracy. We also send out quarterly reports, and individual statements to donors, so we communicate giving at the church. We are not perfect but do our best to honor God with the resources given at CROSSROADS.


Here is the latest update of financial figures at CROSSROADS:

Total Income Received YTD = $138,284

Total Income Budgeted YTD  = $110,524

General Fund Expenses YTD = $108,793 ($1731 below budget)