IGH Fall Update 2021

Fall Newsletter - IGH Campus

Although summer is awesome and there’s a certain sadness to the coming of fall, summer vacations are over and it’s time to refocus. Fall is the time we go back to school and resume our normal routines. This fall, we at CROSSROADS Church Inver Grove Heights campus are looking forward to what God will do.

This fall, we’ll be starting a sermon series called “Unoffendable”. In a culture where people seem constantly offended and miserable, we need to learn how God calls us to be unoffendable and to live at peace with ourselves, others and God. Be sure to come join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am. 

Inver Grove Heights Days is September 10th - 12th, and CROSSROADS will have an entry in the parade. Pray that people on the parade route will be receptive to our invitation to come to our church. We will also be restarting our small group Bible studies, recovery group and other ministries. Our prayer for the people of IGH is from Ezekiel 11:19 “I will bring them together and make them like one person. I will put a new spirit in them. I will take away that heart of stone, and I will put a real heart in its place” (ERV). May God turn hearts of stone into new hearts receptive to the love of Jesus Christ!

  • Pastor Dan