Jesus Will


Starting with Advent and Jesus’ birth, we at CROSSROADS Church have been journeying through the life of Jesus. In January, we looked at how Jesus laid the foundation for His earthly ministry by “Starting Well”. From this, we learned profound lessons on how we can start the New Year of 2021 off well. From February through March, we looked at “Jesus is…” We learned powerful lessons about who Jesus was to the people He ministered to 2000 years ago and who He is to us who follow Him today. 


With Jesus’ death on Good Friday and His resurrection on Easter Sunday, is our journey through the New Testament over? No, of course not! Jesus’ mission while on earth and His purpose in dying on the cross for our sins and rising from the grave was to lay the foundation for what He will do in inaugurating His Church. Jesus’ followers who He trained and discipled now discover what Jesus will do so that they can carry out His mission to bring the transforming power of the Gospel to the world. We too will discover what Jesus will do at CROSSROADS Church so we can bring this same transforming power of the Gospel to our community and world. Hold on, this is going to be exciting! 


Jesus will…

  1. Illuminate His Word - April 11
  2. Deal with Doubts - April 18
  3. Restore Us - April 25
  4. Reveal Himself - May 2

Mother’s Day - May 9

5.   Be with Us - May 16

6. Send Power - May 23 (Pentecost Sunday)