Join the Trustees!

Trustees Members Needed

What is a Trustee Team Member?

As part of the Trustees Team, provide oversight and care of all local church property, buildings, and equipment to further the mission of the church. 

As part of the Trustees Team, submits annual budget requests to the committee on finance for property maintenance and improvement and new property purchases.

This ministry is responsible for providing maintenance (or hiring) for the building, grounds, vehicles, as needed. 

This team also makes recommendations to the Leadership Team (including the Staff Relations Team and Finance Team) about visioning and prioritizing 

Maintenance, upgrades, remodels, sales, leases, of all church property.

Total volunteer hours:

1. Saturday work days 2-4 hours once a month. 


2. Ministry planning meeting 2 hours a month (at Servant Community Gatherings on the 1st Thursday of every month from 6:00pm-8:00pm.)

If you are someone who is handy, or loves landscaping work, or has a knack for decorating and organizing, WE NEED YOU!

Please contact Pastor Deb at or at 612-799-5683.