L.O.V.E. Childcare Updates 2021

OFF AND RUNNING into 2021!

January at L.O.V.E. was filled with learning, laughter, and LOTS OF ENERGY! 


Preschoolers had a great time learning about the Antarctic region and the amazing animals that God created. We especially liked the Penguin unit! Lots of wobble walking throughout our days. With COVID-19 having closed the movie theatres, our treat was being able to watch a movie on the BIG screen in the sanctuary, popcorn and all. Movie day is a fun tradition that is growing in popularity among our families. It is also a great way to spend time on a chilly day in MN. The last week of the month, we focused on outdoor sports, with our number one favorite being sledding. The hills outside our playground make for some memorable sledding! It was great to get enough snow to make a few snowmen too. If you haven’t, I would encourage you to check out our FB page. I post pictures on there. 

With Black History month, Dental Hygiene - Dr. Seuss, The Circus and so much more, we continue to learn. Of course, Groundhogs, Valentine's day, St. Patrick's Day, Chinese New Year, and our 100th Day of School will be reasons to celebrate! 

Our Scholastic Book program is helping us build our onsite resources. You can help us out by ordering books through L.O.V.E. Contact Denise with questions at

651-414-9756. She will be happy to explain the program to you. 

Our school age program has once again taken on a different look. We continue to have some full time distance learners; however, many students have returned to school. While we will miss them, we are very excited that many are returning for Spring Break, days off school, and our fun summer program.  

God continues to bless us with incredible families and children. Our mission is to continue to bless them with the word of God through lessons and activities. 


Judy Hart


L.O.V.E. Christian Childcare