L.O.V.E. Christian Childcare Article Jan/Feb 2021

Happy NEW YEAR from L.O.V.E. Christian Childcare

We are ready to start the New Year running! 

Our Preschool classrooms are geared up with fun creative themes and activities for the Winter. They will explore and learn about Winter - Arctic Animals - Black History - Dental Hygiene- Dr. Seuss - The Circus and so much more. . One thing for sure the preschoolers will be busy! Be sure to review the monthly calendar and check out the themes. The author of the month is a great opportunity for families to be involved. Perhaps read at home or send a book in with your child. We have many fun authors. You probably have some of the books, but if not, check out the scholastic book orders and perhaps purchase a couple for your child.

We are still using Kangaroo Time as our Centers App. Kangaroo Time is the BEST place for you to stay connected with us. We encourage you to get the app up and running on your phone. It is easy and so helpful. Remember, you can also check your child in and out on KT. You will get little reminders and notes from teachers. As well as fun Photos!! You will LOVE it. You can also email us directly, check your billing status and print reports for taxes right from KT. It is a fantastic system! 

Our school age children will continue to navigate Covid -19 and distance learning as long as it takes. We have been so blessed with these children. And look at this as our opportunity to bless them. Each day is filled with new adventures, come exciting and some challenging. But, we are learning that TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT! 

We are using Mt Sinai and Lions Den as classrooms. We have hired additional staff to help as well. Ms. Andrea has 2 children and is well versed in the “system”. I am very excited to have her on our team. Ms. Denise has been helping with office and administration. Her part time help has been a blessing for sure. 

We are taking enrollment for preschool and prekindergarten for the Fall 2021. We will also have our before and after school program going strong! 


God continues to Bless us with incredible families and children. Our mission is to continue to Bless them with the word of God through lessons and activities. 

Happy and Blessed New Year! 

Thank you,

Judy Hart


L.O.V.E. Christian Childcare 

And All the Staff!!!!