L.O.V.E. Daycare Vacancy!

Vacancy: Director for L.O.V.E Daycare (IGH)

Director for L.O.V.E Daycare (IGH), directly responsible for all activities which includes, but not limited to the following:


Develop a plan and ensuring readiness for all inspections required by state regulations. 

Developing and implementing advertising to include Website and Facebook updates.

Create fundraising policies and programs.

Ongoing communication with church staff.

Coordinate with church staff to develop and implement activities to blend the families of the Child Care and the church.

Supervise preschool teachers and childcare workers.

Hire and train new staff members.

Provide professional development opportunities for staff.

Establish policies and communicate them to staff and parents.

Develop educational programs and standards.

Develop nutritional program to meet food program standards.

Help staff resolve conflicts between Children/Parents/Other staff.

Assist staff in communicating with parents and children.

Meet with parents and staff to discuss students’ progress.

Prepare budgets and allocate program funds.

Ensure facilities are maintained and cleaned according to state regulations.

Trained in on and train others on the Kangaroo Software

Update job descriptions for each staff members


Please contact Pastor Deb Marzahn at dmarzahn@crossroadschurch.org OR Dave Brink at dbrink@crossroadschurch.org.