Snodgrass Update

January 11th 2022 Update

"The LORD is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble." -Psalm 9:9

Our city has been in the news, and we have not had internet access for a week. Today we have about two hours with internet access to tell you we are safe. Our apartment is a 15-minute walk from where the main fires, shooting and rioting are taking place, and we could hear the chaos the first few days and nights. Since then we haven't heard much and feel more peaceful in our hearts. For now, we cannot access news outside of the country.

Please pray:

  • for wisdom for the leaders in our country.
  • for God's peace.
  • for families to have enough cash and food.

We thank God:

  • People are under curfew and are urged to stay home. All banks, main grocery stores, schools, etc. are closed for the time. We have not left the house in 4 days. Praise God last week we were able to walk around the neighborhood to gather some groceries from little shops, waiting one hour in line for basics like eggs.
  • We have electricity, water, heat and a safe place to stay. We have been able to call friends locally to check in on each other.
  • We are thankful for some cash we had on hand and could loan to others as no one can use cards without internet access.
  • The kids are taking this better than expected, and we've had some good family prayer times.

We don't know when we will and won't have internet access. For now, pray we will call to mind that God is still with us.

More when we can share...

Much love,

Nathan & Shelly, Nora, Alex, Cordy & Seraphina