The Church Is...

During the process of writing my doctoral theses, over 30 pages were dedicated to the topic of the church. It is hard to summarize the purpose of the church in a paragraph, but I will quote myself and share with you a section of my paper.


“Ecclesiology is the study of the church and comes from the Greek word “ekklesia.” It literally means the “called out gathering.” The New Testament used the Greek word approximately 114 times which often referred to a group of people assembled. The church is the assembly of believers who belong to God. The task of the church is to be a beacon of hope and teach all who enter her doors the ways of salvation. ​In the New Testament, Christians did not “go to” church. Christians “were” the church. The references to church in the New Testament referred to people and not buildings. Mature believers need to understand the importance of the true meaning of church, since the primary purpose of church is to gather people and not build buildings.” 


In our summer series, we will examine how we are to function as the “called out” followers of Jesus. A metaphor for the church is the body of Christ so we will see how the body is supposed to act toward one another. Join us to grow and learn together as we study the book of Acts.

-Pastor Paul Marzahn


5|30 - Community

6|6 - Bold

6|13 - Authentic

6|20 - Servants

6|27 - Persecuted

7|4 - For Everyone

7|11 - Sent Out

7|18 - Peacemaker

7|25 - Planting

8|1 - Destined